We're Block Maintenance, the go-to maintenance contractor for all your reactive maintenance needs in London, Essex, and Kent. Our team of multi-skilled tradespeople are our pride and joy - we don't mess around with sub-contractors!


Our team of multi-skilled tradespeople is what sets us apart from the rest. We take pride in employing a team of experts who can handle all aspects of maintenance services. They're our pride and joy, and we trust them to deliver the highest quality of workmanship. That's why we don't mess around with sub-contractors. We want to maintain complete control over the quality of work that we provide, and we believe that the only way to do that is to keep everything in-house.

From fixing your property's CCTV to replacing your rusty door locks, we've got you covered. We'll sort out any plumbing problems and help you say goodbye to that leaky roof. We have everything covered - we'll happily take care of any window glazing replacements and lighting repairs too!

We understand the importance of keeping your properties safe and sound, and that's why we take our job seriously.

We promise we'll make it an easy and stress-free experience!

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Looking for a maintenance contractor that can handle all your reactive maintenance needs in London, Essex, and Kent? Look no further than Block Maintenance! Our team of multi-skilled tradespeople takes pride in delivering high-quality work that exceeds your expectations.


Our experts understand the importance of keeping your property in optimal condition, and we are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable solutions to address any maintenance issues that may arise.

We specialise in reactive property maintenance, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of property owners, landlords and property management companies. Whether you need immediate repairs, emergency response, or ongoing maintenance support, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to diagnose and resolve a wide variety of maintenance problems. From plumbing and lighting issues to CCTV system malfunctions and roof repairs, we handle it all with precision and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our quick response times, ensuring that your property is back to optimal condition in no time.

As a customer-centric company, we prioritise your satisfaction above everything else. We strive to exceed your expectations by providing transparent communication, reliable scheduling, and competitive pricing. Our team works diligently to minimise disruption to daily operations and ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.


As a property manager, you need a trusted partner to take care of your maintenance needs. With our range of high-quality reactive maintenance services, including CCTV repairs, door lock replacements, plumbing works, and more, you can trust us to keep your property in top shape.
Choose Block Maintenance for a partner who shares your dedication to your property.



Not only do we repair faulty CCTV systems, but we also provide replacement CCTV systems. We use the latest technology to ensure that our CCTV repair and replacement services are cost-effective, efficient, and reliable. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide a solution that works best for your property.

Automatic Barriers

Automatic and manual
gate repairs

We understand the importance of security for your property, which is why we offer automatic and manual gate repair services. Our team of skilled tradespeople has extensive knowledge and experience in repairing and maintaining all types of gates, ensuring that your property's security is not compromised.

lock repair

Door lock
replacement and repairs

Our door lock replacement and repair services are designed to ensure that your property is secure. We provide a wide range of door lock replacement and repair services, including mortice locks, cylinder locks, and UPVC locks, to name a few.

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Window & Door
Repairs and replacement

Broken windows or doors? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We offer a wide range of window and door repair and replacement services, including double glazing repairs, hinge replacements, and window and door replacements. Trust our skilled tradespeople to keep your tenants safe and get your windows and doors back to their original condition in no time.



Our plumbing services cover everything from emergency services, such as fixing burst pipes, and restoring water service. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of plumbing, ensuring that we provide reliable and efficient services.


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Roof repairs
and replacement

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your property's roof, which is why we offer roof repair services. Our team of skilled tradespeople has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of roof repairs, ensuring that your property remains secure and protected.

water leak

Water Leak
Track & Trace

Our water leak detection and repair service uses the latest technology to locate and fix any leaks in your property's plumbing systems. With our prompt and efficient service, you can be confident that any leaks will be found and repaired quickly.

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Lighting Repairs
and Lighting Replacement

As a property manager, you know the importance of proper lighting for your property's security. That's why you need a team that offers lighting repair and replacement services. Our skilled tradespeople have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of lighting repairs and replacements, ensuring that your property remains safe and secure. Trust us to keep your property well-lit and secure.

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Multi Skilled
Trades People

We take great pride in employing a team of skilled and experienced professionals who can handle any maintenance challenge that comes their way. From electrical and plumbing works to roofing repairs and waste removal, our team has the expertise and experience to get the job done right the first time.



Don't wait for a maintenance emergency to strike, take control of your property's maintenance needs today with Block Maintenance. Our team of multi-skilled tradespeople is ready and waiting to handle all your reactive maintenance needs.

Whether you need us to find and repair water leaks, CCTV repairs, door lock replacements, roof repairs, or anything in between, we've got you covered. Contact us today and experience our first-class services for yourself.


Reactive property maintenance is an essential aspect of property ownership and management, playing a crucial role in ensuring the longevity, functionality and value of your property.

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Timely Repairs

Reactive property maintenance allows you to address maintenance issues promptly. Whether it's a broken door lock, a faulty CCTV system, or a malfunctioning lighting system, timely repairs can prevent minor problems from escalating into major, costly issues.

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Resident Satisfaction

For property owners and managers, keeping residents satisfied is vital for retention and attracting new occupants. By promptly responding to maintenance requests and resolving issues efficiently, reactive property maintenance helps maintain resident satisfaction and fosters a positive living experience.

Emergency Lightning

Cost Savings

Reactive property maintenance can save you money in the long run. By identifying and addressing maintenance issues early on, you can prevent them from worsening and requiring more extensive repairs or replacements. Regular maintenance also helps prolong the lifespan of equipment and systems, reducing the need for premature replacements.

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Safety and Compliance

Property maintenance ensures that your property meets all safety standards and regulatory requirements. Regular inspections and maintenance help identify potential safety hazards, such as faulty wiring or structural weaknesses, and address them promptly, ensuring the well-being of occupants and compliance with legal obligations.


Property Value Preservation

Well-maintained properties retain their value and appeal to potential buyers or tenants. By investing in reactive property maintenance, you can protect your property's aesthetics, functionality and structural integrity, ultimately preserving its market value.

By partnering with a reliable maintenance provider, you can ensure that your property remains in top condition and experiences minimal disruptions. For all your property maintenance needs, get in touch with us now.

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