Meet your legal obligation by getting your fire doors regularly inspected by professionals.

At Block Maintenance, we specialise in ensuring the safety and compliance of fire doors in residential, commercial and industrial properties across the UK. With our expert knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and commitment to excellence, we deliver thorough inspections that give you peace of mind.

We understand the critical role fire doors play in safeguarding lives and properties during emergencies. Our dedicated team of certified inspectors possess extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of fire safety regulations and standards. By conducting meticulous inspections, we assess the condition, functionality and compliance of your fire doors.

Our fire door inspection process follows a systematic approach, encompassing visual inspections and functional tests. We carefully examine each component, including frames, seals, hinges, locks and door closers, to ensure they meet the required specifications. By identifying potential issues and hazards, we will help you address them promptly, minimising risks and enhancing the fire safety of your premises.

With Block Maintenance, you can expect transparent and detailed reports that outline the findings of our inspections, along with recommendations for necessary repairs or maintenance. Our team works closely with you to ensure that you fully understand the results and to assist in developing an action plan to address any identified deficiencies.

Trust us for thorough fire door inspections that prioritise your safety and compliance. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and safeguard your premises against fire hazards.


As fire door inspectors, we are certified to carry out fire door inspections to meet the legal requirements. We will ensure that the door still complies with all regulations so that it is fully effective in the event of a fire

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Fire door inspections are an essential component of maintaining a safe and secure environment within any building. Here's why you need fire door inspections.

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Compliance with Regulations

Fire doors play a critical role in preventing the spread of fire, protecting lives, and minimising property damage. Regular inspections are necessary to ensure that your fire doors comply with relevant fire safety regulations and standards. Non-compliance can result in penalties, legal issues and increased liabilities.

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Maximising Fire Safety

Fire doors are only effective if they are in proper working condition. Through inspections, potential issues and deficiencies can be identified, allowing for prompt repairs or maintenance. This ensures that they function as intended during a fire emergency, maximising the safety of occupants and providing valuable time for evacuation.

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Early Detection of Hazards

Fire door inspections help in early detection of hazards that could compromise the effectiveness of the doors. Issues such as damaged seals, faulty hinges, or improper closing mechanisms can be identified and proactively addressed before they escalate into more significant problems. This can help prevent potential risks and reduce the chances of fire spreading throughout the building.



Fire doors in residential properties should be subject to an inspection every six months to ensure they are fit for purpose. Block Maintenance work with property management companies in Essex and the surrounding areas to make sure their fire doors are still meeting fire safety regulations. Need a fire door inspection on your property? Get in touch today.

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Peace of Mind

Fire door inspections provide peace of mind to building owners, occupants and stakeholders. Knowing that your fire doors have been professionally inspected and are in compliance with regulations gives you confidence in the safety of your premises. It demonstrates a commitment to fire safety and protects the well-being of everyone within the building.

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Legal and Insurance Requirements

Many insurance providers and local authorities require regular fire door inspections as part of their safety and compliance protocols. By conducting these inspections, you fulfil legal obligations and maintain a valid insurance policy for your property.

Don't overlook the importance of this procedure. Schedule your fire door inspection today and ensure the utmost protection for your building and its occupants.

When it comes to fire door inspections, choosing the right partner is crucial for ensuring the safety and compliance of your premises. Our team of certified inspectors brings a wealth of expertise and experience in fire safety regulations and standards. We keep up with industry developments to ensure our inspections are thorough and accurate.

We leave no stone unturned during our inspections. From visual assessments to functional tests, we scrutinise every component of your fire doors to ensure compliance and identify potential risks.

Fire safety regulations are complex, and non-compliance can have serious consequences. With Block Maintenance, you can rest assured that your fire doors will meet all necessary requirements, ensuring a higher level of safety of occupants and minimising liability risks.

Our detailed inspection reports provide clear and concise information about the condition of your fire doors, along with any identified deficiencies. We offer transparent recommendations for necessary repairs or maintenance, empowering you to take prompt action.

With our customer-centric approach, we prioritise your needs and deliver exceptional service. Our team works closely with you, addressing your concerns, answering your questions, and providing guidance throughout the inspection process.

Choose us as your trusted partner for fire door inspections. With our expertise, comprehensive approach, and commitment to your safety, we ensure that your premises are well-prepared to handle fire emergencies. Contact us today.

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