The Ins and Outs of Property Maintenance

Hey, Property Manager. How’s that property maintenance going for you?

Let’s jump-start your brain for a second. Lawn mowing, painting, repairing broken fixtures, electrical checks, cleaning, plumbing, fixing locks, pest control—the list goes on.

We know you know that property maintenance cannot be ignored or forgotten. It’s what you deal with every day. It doesn’t matter if you manage a single-family home or a commercial property. Regular maintenance is what keeps everyone safe and happy.

Yes, property maintenance can be difficult. Especially when occupants become unhappy.

Therefore, we’re going to discuss exactly what property maintenance must consist of, and why. By the end, you’ll know what you need to do to keep your properties in the best condition possible.

So, what is Property Maintenance anyway?

We don’t want to preach to the converted. If you’re a property manager, you’ll probably know the following like the back of your hand.

But, for those that aren’t so sure, property maintenance is basically keeping a property in a great condition. As mentioned, this includes regular cleaning and upkeep, repairs and replacements, landscaping, safety and security measures and compliance with building codes and regulations.

However, as I’m sure you know, it’s always best to try to prevent a storm than stop it once it starts. That’s why a good chunk of property maintenance is preventative. This means being proactive and carrying out regular inspections and services. This way, issues are flagged way ahead of full-blown hurricanes. Ultimately, this means that less accidents, faults and complaints rise to the surface.

Give me more examples!

You asked for it! Keep these two ideas in your head: ‘planned’ and ‘reactive’.

Let’s elaborate.

Property maintenance is all about routine inspections, servicing and cleaning. However, it’s also about correcting things that go wrong. Think repairs and replacing fixtures. All maintenance is done by looking at what a specific property needs most.

Don’t Manage It All Alone

That would be a bit of a catastrophic idea. Attempting to manage a whole property alone is like trying to fix a car engine with screwdriver. It’s going to lead to broken parts, wasted time and exhaustion.   

Hiring a property maintenance professional is the only way to ensure that your property is kept running like clockwork. A property maintenance company will be able to carry out regular and timely inspections and make any necessary repairs and replacements. They’ll also know a lot!

Give Me the Different Types of Property Maintenance Workers

Think of three different categories: repairs, general looking-after and safety. Every maintenance worker should slot into one of those. Here’s a basic rundown:

  • Regular Cleaning and Upkeep: Pretty standard here. Vacuuming, dusting, window cleaning and pressure washing. Basically, making the property look nice!
  • Repairs and Replacements: You know this one by now. Fixing fittings, replacing appliances and repairing damaged parts of the property.
  • Landscaping and Groundskeeping: Like cleaning but outdoors. Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and planting flowers. This helps attract tenants and can brighten up a grey background.
  • Safety and Security: An essential one. Smoke alarms, security cameras and systems, replacing locks and handles. Also, any checks on electrical equipment are done by these guys too.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Everyone loves a bit of health & safety. With property maintenance, that means making sure a property complies with all building codes and regulations. This includes tasks such as ensuring that structural components are up to date and that any hazardous materials are safely stored and disposed of.

So, we hope you’ve gained a thorough idea of the ins and outs of property maintenance. Yes, it can be a tad overwhelming. However, if you make sure that you’re hiring the right people with the right qualifications and accreditations, everyone is kept happy and healthy. Do so today by hiring a property maintenance professional. Put your feet up and let them take the reins.