5 Essential Maintenance Tasks Every Property Manager Should Prioritise

Maintaining a property can be a challenging task for any property manager. From routine upkeep to unexpected repairs, there is always something that needs attention. However, regular maintenance is essential for preserving the value of the property and ensuring the safety and comfort of residents.

At Block Maintenance, our team of skilled and versatile tradespeople are experts in providing maintenance services for residential blocks. Our expertise ensures that every job is executed with precision and excellence, leaving no room for shortcuts, overcharging or disappointment. With our commitment to quality, you can rest assured that every project will be handled with the utmost professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the essential property maintenance tasks that every property manager should prioritise to keep their properties in top condition. Whether you’re a seasoned property manager or just starting in the industry, these tasks will help you stay on top of maintenance and avoid costly repairs down the road. So, let’s dive in and explore these critical tasks that should be on every property manager’s to-do list!

1. Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are crucial for property managers to identify maintenance issues before they become major problems. These proactive inspections allow you to catch small issues before they turn into expensive repairs or even safety hazards.

During inspections, you should look for signs of wear and tear on building components such as roofs, walls and floors. Inspections can also help to ensure that residents are adhering to the terms of their lease agreements, such as keeping the communal areas clean and free of any belongings.

By conducting regular inspections, you can stay on top of the maintenance needs to keep your properties safe and well-maintained. To remove the headache of block maintenance, give us a call today!

2. Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is a proactive approach to maintaining residential properties that can save property managers time and money in the long run. This type of maintenance involves regularly scheduled inspections and repairs of building components, such as emergency lighting, fire door inspections, jet washing and PAT testing to name a few.

By addressing minor issues before they become major problems, planned maintenance can prevent costly repairs, while also extending the lifespan of building components. As a property manager, you can also use planned maintenance to stay ahead of seasonal maintenance tasks.

By prioritising planned maintenance, you can ensure that your properties are well-kept and running smoothly, leading to happier residents and greater investment returns.

3. Fire Door Inspections

Fire door inspection is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and protection of buildings and their occupants. These specialised doors are designed to withstand fire and smoke, providing essential time for evacuation and limiting the spread of flames. 

Regular fire door inspections are vital to verify their functionality, integrity and compliance with fire safety standards. Inspections typically involve assessing door frames, hardware, seals, signage and closing mechanisms. 

By conducting thorough inspections, you can identify potential issues, such as damaged components or improper installations, and take prompt corrective measures. Proactive fire door inspection plays a pivotal role in safeguarding lives, minimising property damage, and ensuring adherence to fire safety regulations. 

4. Reactive Maintenance

While planned maintenance is the ideal approach to keeping residential properties in top condition, reactive maintenance can also play an important role in maintaining resident satisfaction and safety.

When unexpected maintenance issues arise, property managers who are quick to respond and resolve the problem can demonstrate their commitment to providing excellent service to their residents. By prioritising reactive maintenance and addressing issues promptly, you can help to minimise the impact on your residents and prevent minor issues from escalating.

Effective communication and a proactive approach to addressing issues can also help to build trust and loyalty with residents, leading to greater satisfaction and retention rates.

5. Resident Communication

Effective resident communication is critical for maintaining residential properties and addressing maintenance issues promptly. As a property manager, you should establish protocols for reporting maintenance concerns and communicate them clearly to residents.

You should also provide regular updates to residents about maintenance and repairs, keeping them informed and aware of any disruptions to their daily lives. By maintaining open and honest communication with your residents, you can build trust and ensure their satisfaction.

Effective communication can also help to prevent issues from escalating, as residents are more likely to report concerns early on if they feel comfortable doing so. By prioritising resident communication, you can build strong relationships with your residents and maintain your properties more effectively.

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